Day 188 in Beijing: Have an Affair.

So, I woke up early, hopped in a cab at 6 am, and went to work.

First off, I felt very lucky to grab a cab at 6 am because it usually takes about 10 minutes to grab one and it was about 20 degrees with a nice 20 mile per hour wind.

I had on my new jacket, gloves, and skullcap and it was still chilly.

I told the driver I wanted to go, “Xindonglu” and off we went.

This, also, is a lucky event because I usually have to show the driver my work card that has the directions in English and Chinese because my pronunciation is so bad.

The card opens up to show a map to my work which also makes it easier for the driver to find it because there is always construction and companies change location so often it gets confusing.

So, off we go into the dark night.

As my driver speeds around on near empty streets, he is listening to a Chinese radio station.

Being we are in China, this pretty much is obvious and maybe I’m just being redundant.

As Robin Williams said in his stand up long ago, “Redundant, redundant, redundant, redundant.”

Anyway, I started to pay attention to the radio show and noticed a strange word popping up in the conversation:


That seemed to be the only English word being said over the airwaves so I became even more interested.

The next time the word came out of the speaker was when the announcer said, “Have an affair.”

Then more conversation in Mandarin.

The last time was when the talk show host said, “Having an affair.”

Then more Mandarin.

I am guessing they were teaching English and they had chosen to teach the word affair today.

I thought to myself what a strange word to teach people on a radio station but I’m not 100% sure that was what was even happening so maybe I’m wrong.

If anyone knows what this station is, or what they were discussing, I’d love to know.

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