Day 198 in Beijing: Bye Bye Beijing!

Jill and I have left Beijing!

Well, we’ve left for a vacation, not for good, so don’t worry Beijingers!

We took off at 3:30 AM on Friday morning (Beijing time) and arrived at 10 AM Friday morning (Kuala Lumpur time, which is the same as Beijing time) and have already settled in here in Kuala Lumpur.

It was overcast when we arrived, which is a bit comical since the weather in Beijing is supposed to be terrible during the winter, but so far has been fantastic, and we are now in the tropics, where it should be perfect.  Yes, that was quite possibly the longest run on sentence, in history, but I’m on vacation, so forgive me please.  Editing, after going for a swim in the pool, is not my strong point.

We were picked up by Alan, who runs the Airbnb apartment where we are staying at, and dropped everything off at the apartment.  After doing that, he took us on a tour of the neighborhood and there are so many amazing restaurants and bars we new we were in the right place.  There is about 20 different types of restaurants serving different cuisines that we wish we were staying longer and know we will be back after being here for only 4 hours.  Alan has to be the nicest guy ever and a wonderful host!

After the tour, we went to lunch at Saravanaa Bhavan and then Jill and I took a very nice long nap.

We just woke, went for a swim, and are now going to check out the restaurants and bars right by our apartment.

An absolutely perfect way to start a weekend, and a long vacation.

I hope you all are having as nice of a Friday as we are having!

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