Day 212 in Beijing: Truth in Advertising.

The Octopus is taking over this bank!

The Octopus is taking over this bank!

I saw these two banks when I was in Kuala Lumpur and had to laugh at their names and mascots.

In Malaysia, “Agro” means “agricultural” so an “Agro Bank” is an agricultural bank.

That makes sense.

However, Agro also means aggressive so naming a bank, “Agro Bank” could be confused especially when you look at all the construction and aggressive lending that is going on in this country.

Side view of the Octopus.

Side view of the Octopus.

The second one is even more comical to me because I’m not sure an octopus is really a cuddly creature, to most people, that one would want representing their banking ideals.

To me, an octopus reminds me of the evil Ursula in The Little Mermaid.

Maybe in Malaysia there is a different interpretation, and I’m actually a fan of octopuses they are pretty cool creatures.  By the way, the plural of octopuses is octopuses and not octopi, as I found out writing this blog post.

One never knows what one will learn when one travels or writes a blog.

Either way, I enjoy how different cultures view the world and how they use icons and words differently than they do in the USA.

It allows me to see that my view of the world is constantly being challenged and I get to learn that my view of reality, and life, is limited and open to interpretation.

I'm gonna go agro all over you if I have to wait in line one second more!

I’m gonna go agro all over you if I have to wait in line one second more!

I appreciate this because I can continue to grow and learn about others, and myself, each day that I wake up.

At age 44, I believe this is a pretty rare occasion as many people are married, have kids, mortgages, debt, and other issues that keep them from being able to take a new job and move half way around the world on a moment’s notice.

I consider myself very lucky and do not take this gift for granted.

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