Day 224 in Beijing: Hairstyle Academy.

Like Superman, I even have a cape!

Like Superman, I even have a cape!

Jill and I were going snorkeling at Palau Payar and I needed a haircut.

Why did I need a haircut to go snorkeling, you ask.

Because I knew that when I got back to Beijing, I wasn’t going to have a chance to get a tan anytime soon and if I went snorkeling for a whole day down here, I’d get a wicked tan line around my head whenever I finally got my haircut.

So, I decided to get my haircut in Penang.

We walked around for a bit and noticed a sign for a hairstyle academy in the nearby mall.

Academies usually have pretty inexpensive haircuts since the students are learning and it means you take a chance on them making a mistake.

I’ve actually found they are incredibly professional and give the best haircuts around since they are being judged on them by their teachers.

This time was no exception.

The hairstylist was friendly, funny, and very professional.  She asked us questions about our trip and where we had been, planned to go and gave us a little information about herself and where she had come from and why she lived in Penang.

She was born in northern Malaysia and had 3 siblings.  She and another one lived in Penang but the other two stayed in up north.  She told us there weren’t a lot of opportunities so she decided to move to the big city and she said she enjoyed living here now.

She continued to work on my haircut, smiling and talking the whole time, and it was very enjoyable for both Jill and me.

She also didn’t mind us taking pictures, which probably seemed a little insane to anyone that cuts hair for a living, until I explained that I write a blog and this will be a post on it.

If you notice in the pictures, she actually uses a straight razor to do the final touches on my neck.  It didn’t hurt at all and she took about 30 minutes total doing a fairly simple haircut and made sure I was happy the whole time.

They also gave us free tea which was nice.

By the way, after snorkeling, my tan line looks great and I won’t look like I’ve got some weird halo or something when I cut my hair next time thanks to her wonderful haircut!

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