Day 238 in Beijing: Blowing Bubbles.

As Jill and I were leaving the Masjid Selat Melaka, we noticed a group of women and their kids hanging out.

The kids seemed to be distracted and were playing among themselves while the mothers were chatting and laughing.

As we walked by them, we noticed why they were laughing.

One of them was blowing bubbles and the others were enjoying the moment.

Moments like these are why I love traveling: They dis-spell the myths of what we are told about other cultures by the media.  We see, for ourselves, the commonality of all humanity. I’m sure there are cultures that would think this strange and silly but I’ve yet to come across one.

I’m thinking buying a bunch of bubble liquid and bringing it wherever I go to help make connections and remind people that we are all, in our hearts, little children full of joy.

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