Day 244 in Beijing: Not To Be Cryptic.

Head stones.

Head stones.

Not being cryptic, but I like graves.

I always have.

I find them intriguing, interesting and artistic.

I’m not afraid of walking through them or superstitions so I just simply enjoy the beauty of them and respect how people choose to show love to the ones that have left this world.

As Jill and I were walking around Johor Bahru, Malaysia, we wanted to see the Sultan’s Mausoleum.

We walked through a rather massive graveyard to get to it and took our time looking at the other grave sites.

Some are very ornate, while others are very simple with only a marker for a headstone.

When we reached the Sultan’s Mausoleum, it was closed and we wouldn’t be able to visit it again on this trip so we walked around it and enjoyed the silence and peacefulness of the graveyard.


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