Day 246 in Beijing: Cute Car!

Cute car for two...or three!

Cute car for two…or three!

Jill, our roommate, Gulzar, and I were walking home a few nights ago.

We happened to walk by this absurdly cute little car.

I didn’t get a picture of the side, but amazingly, this is a 4 door car.

The car is shorter than any other 4 door car I’ve ever seen, and is shorter than almost any other 2 door car I’ve seen also.

If you notice, the front seat is just that:  A single front seat that only accommodates the driver of the car.

There are two back seats and they are basically like a bench seat as they are connected and if you lay one down, they both have to be laid down.

The steering mechanism looked like something from a motorcycle and then adjusted for 2 wheels in the front.  I’m guessing that this automobile company took the guts of a motorcycle, strengthened it, and then put a very lightweight body on the frame.

This is about all Jill and I would need to be more mobile in Beijing and I’m guessing it probably costs about 1000 USD at most.

Not a bad deal!

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