Day 257 in Beijing: Shantaram.

Shantaram on the horizon.

Shantaram on the horizon.

And we bounce back to Melaka, Malaysia on our around the world post today!

Jill, Dipesh and I were walking through the back streets of Melaka and just taking in the sites.

Jill has been reading the book Shantaram for about a month now and seems to enjoy it.

She’s the kind of person that when she starts something, she doesn’t quit.

She almost never gives up and stays on track and keeps a positive attitude.

The few times I’ve seen her have a rough patch, we do a little Daily Mood Log work from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and she’s right back on the beam!

I only write this because I’m a huge fan of people practicing what they preach, and I preach behavioral therapy.

I also use the mood logs, downward arrows, cost benefit analysis and other techniques myself.

I’ve found they allow me to let go of the automatic negative thoughts and cognitive distortions I used to believe and that caused me incredible pain and anguish.

They still pop up, once in a while, and it is now so easy to defeat them and continue on with my amazing and happy life.

Jill is able to do that now also which is something I’m quite glad she was open to learning and able to master so quickly.

Notice the interesting masks just below the overhang.

Notice the interesting masks just below the overhang.

Suffice to say, she’s an amazing person.

As to how this pertains to the blog post:  She has been reading this massive book for over a month and is continuing to work through it and finish it.  I applaud this sense of personal drive and hard work.  I’m also glad she enjoys the book, because, if she didn’t, it would be a pretty miserable way to spend her time.

We happened to pass by this little eccentric bar and noticed its name immediately.

This is one of the reasons I enjoy traveling so much: The unexpected surprises and “connections” that I make to other parts of the world and to my, and other’s, lives.

Unfortunately, the bar was closed so we didn’t get a chance to go inside but I’m guessing it probably was just as amazing inside as it was outside.

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