Day 259 in Beijing: Fit and Forty Five.

Yep, it is that time of year again:  My birthday.

I’m 45 years old as of today.

It has been an incredible ride.

This last year has probably been my favorite year of my life.

Actually, I’m sure it has been.

And it just keeps getting better and better.

A year ago I had just quit my job at Family Service Agency of San Francisco/PREP Alameda County, where I had worked for almost 6 years.  I originally worked for them in San Francisco as a social worker for geriatric clients who were on medicare and/or medical.  I was enjoying the San Francisco Rueda Festival as a semi-goodbye to my previous life.

I moved over to PREP Alameda County for the last 5 months of employment with Family Service Agency and worked with 18-24 year old people that were recently diagnosed with delusional disorder, schizoaffective disorder or schizophrenia.

I learned so much at both those jobs but had decided to take a break and travel around the world for a year.

Little did I know, that when I put this plan into place, I’d end up in China.

My brother Robert has lived in China for the past 7 years.  He knew I was taking a break and wanted me to come visit.  He also heard that there was a job opening for a therapist at an international company here in Beijing.

After he told me about it, I sent in my resume.

A few weeks later, I was asked to do a skype interview and was hired on the spot.

My plans to travel around the world, learn Spanish, visit Cuba and then go to Europe and finally see my brother in China were flipped upside down!

I actually did go to Mexico, to visit my cousin Michelle and her wonderful husband, John, for 2 weeks before the preparation to move to China happened.

I then spent the next few months dealing with passport and visa issues, saying goodbye to friends and family, and just soaking up the San Francisco Bay Area and everything it has to offer.

And, 8 days before I came to China, the San Francisco Carnaval was happening and I realized this would be my last chance to dance with some of my dear friends and experience the pleasure of salsa dancing and mi familia.

I arrived at the San Francisco Carnaval parade early and, since it was quite empty, I left to grab some food.  An attractive woman was sitting where I had been sitting so I asked if I could sit by her.  She agreed.  We talked for an hour or two before my other friend, Jon-David, showed up.

The three of us spent the rest of the day together, drinking good beer, eating good food, and talking.

I found out that she has a website that is dedicated to all things San Francisco and has done an amazing job building it.  This is a link for the 2014 Carnaval parade but she has over 400 pages of things to do in San Francisco.

It would be a present to her, and me, if you would click this highlighted link and “like” her San Francisco Tourism Tips page on Facebook or just subscribe by email on that page.

Trust me, you won’t regret it!

Anyway, around 10 hours later, I asked her out on a date for the next day.

She agreed.

Jill and I then spent the next 8 days together and she took me to the airport to see me off.

1.5 months later, she arrived in Beijing and has been here ever since.

My life, in pretty much every way, is perfect.

So, to celebrate, I recently decided to start working out and try to get in better shape.

About three weeks ago I started doing push ups.

I could only do 15 at one time.

I’ve been progressing, running, lifting weights and trying to gain strength.

My goal, when I did 15, was to do 45 on my 45th birthday.

Here is my attempt:

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