Day 263 in Beijing: Tiger Backpacks.

Jill and I were walking around on Valentine’s day and just hanging out near the “dirty bar street” in Beijing.

The Dirty Bar Street is just that: A dirty bar street.

There is a lot of junk there that I won’t mention because this is a family friendly blog, but suffice to say, you watch where you are walking all the time.

There is a mixture of restaurants, bars and just simple “pop-up” bars that are outside on the street.

We decided to grab a 15RMB (2 USD) from Mr. Mojito and then cruise around the place a bit.

He was nice enough to take a picture of us as we stood there looking like fools.

As we walked around, we noticed the tiger heads hanging off this woman’s food truck.

I was a little worried they were real but they are just backpacks.

I am actually thinking of buying one, in the future, as they are quite cool and would make a lot of people laugh if a laowai like me was walking around with a kid’s backpack.


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