Day 267 in Beijing: Gargo Lift.

At least now I know where I can lift my gargo.

At least now I know where I can lift my gargo.

People are moving around Beijing constantly.

This requires some pretty decent sized cargo lifts to move their furniture.

Actually, it doesn’t require cargo lifts as much as it requires, as they obviously wrote in Chinglish, a “Gargo Lift.”

I don’t know what the actual Hanzi script below the words “Gargo Lift” mean but I’m guessing the are correct since it is China’s own language and one would assume that they know what they are writing.

Then again, after living here for about 9 months, nothing really surprises me and the sign could say, “McDonald’s hamburgers” for all I know.

Either way, these little signs and surprises constantly keep Jill and me laughing at the absurdity of it all and the crazy circumstances that brought us to China in 2013 and allowed us each to celebrate birthdays here in Beijing.

We are definitely enjoying the ride in the gargo lift.

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