Day 280 in Beijing: Hot Pot. Without the Hot. Or the Pot.

The lovely Jill and me.

The lovely Jill and me.

So, my dear friends Gordon and Sarah took us out to a delicious Yunnan Hot Pot restaurant.

They had a combination of meat and vegetables while we just did the vegetables.

I’d love to show you some pictures of the food, but we were so hungry, we forgot to take any pictures!

We did get a few cute pictures of ourselves and of Gordon and Sarah.

Gordon has become my closest friend and Sarah is fantastic.

They are both from the states and just fun, warm, and outgoing people.

Sarah and Gordon.  So cute!

Sarah and Gordon. So cute!


I swear that Gordon and I are basically like brothers from another mother.

Which, if you think about it, the last thing the world needs is someone just like me, running around Beijing, causing havoc.

Or, maybe that is exactly what the world needs.

A little havoc and fun can go a long way.

I’m thankful I’ve met Gordon and Sarah and look forward to a very long friendship with both of them, no matter where they, or we, end up.

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