Day 291 in Beijing: Whip It. Whip It Real Good!

I was running by the canal near my apartment a few days ago and noticed some people with their whips.

This is fairly common to see and I wanted to take a picture of them but didn’t want to interupt my run.

However, taking a 30 second break isn’t really going to hurt anything and it was worth it to me to get the shots.

The man also said, “Ni hao” to me and I responded in kind.

He seemed to be having a great time and I loved his dance that he does in the video.

He did more jumping at other times but I wasn’t close enough to catch the shot since I was just running up to him.

I guess people practice whips around here as that is what people used to use and it is a nice tie to the past.

I used to think it was a gun shot, and was confused since guns are illegal in China, and then noticed that the sounds are almost exactly the same.

Both are breaking the speed of sound so that is part of the crack that one hears.

He seemed to really enjoy the event and I hope to see him again and maybe I’ll learn how to whip it good from him at some point.

By the way, if you notice in one of the pictures, the man on the far left is on his phone.

Technology will not be stopped.

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and if you want to see him in action, here you go!

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