Day 293 in Beijing: NAILED!

Tracy's beautiful nails.

Tracy’s beautiful nails.

Let me state this:  Beijing has some very crazy, and very cool, fashion choices from what I’ve seen.

I was talking with a expatriate friend who had lived here for about 25 years.

He told me about the changes since he has been here.

When he arrived, most males and females were wearing the same exact bowl cut and many still wore the classic green Chinese military outfits.

As the years passed, women, in particular, started having longer hair and becoming more stylish with their clothing choices.

He said that he noticed them wearing more greys and some actually would wear lingerie outside of the clothes because it showed a new style and a freedom from the limitations of the past.

Then they started to wear more colors and be more outgoing in their fashions as media from around the world started giving them new looks and new ideas.

Now, in places like Shanghai, it is almost impossible to tell the difference between that city and San Francisco, New York or Paris.

Beijing, however, is a bit of a different story.

This place is a bit crazy.

The men tend to wear very classic suit and ties, or worker clothes like jump suits, and are pretty simple.

The women, though, have some amazing outfits that combine everything from everywhere worn by everyone at any time.

I really enjoy walking around and seeing how people make a statement about who they are by their clothes.

Also, there are the ethnic people, like the Tibetans, Mongonlians and the Uighurs, who live around Beijing and wear their clothes to state who they are in their own way.

It is a wonderful always changing scenery of life.

Here is just a bit of it.

My co-worker, Tracy, and her husband are enjoying their 10 year anniversary this week.

She decided, for the occasion, to get her nails done in a wonderfully special way.

She said that it took about 2.5 hours and cost 420RMB.

That equates to about 70 dollars to get them done and she was very excited when I asked if I could take a picture and write a blog on them.

She is a wonderful person, and like all my coworkers, incredibly kind, thoughtful and hard working.

I’m honored, and consider myself very lucky, to be working with the people I work with and be here in Beijing.

Happy 10th anniversary to Tracy!

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