Day 310 in Beijing: Pizza A8 Pub.


The happy couple!

The happy couple!

Jill and I recently went out to dinner and decided to try someplace new.

It is a bit difficult, since we chose to eat vegetarian only, but it is worthwhile because we don’t really want to eat meat anymore, because of the disgusting and horrific way that animals are treated, and we also just don’t want to eat living creatures.

Yes, plants are living also but very different so don’t even go there.  🙂

We happened across Pizza A8 Pub and thought it looked sort of cool.

It hadn’t been here a month ago so it must be fairly now to the area.

It has lots of different nations’ flags hanging from the ceiling and has nice Western music playing all the time.

This pub is next to a major international university so they are trying to attract that crowd as well as the Chinese nationals that want to hang out at the university and want to meet expatriates.

Jill and I decided to have a little pizza and one of the cook came out and actually gave us some french fries.

We thanked him numerous times and he smiled back at us and thanked us.

We did notice a group of three guys drinking beer.

That isn’t unusual in a college type bar/restaurant.

What was unusual was the guy drinking beer through a straw.

I can’t say I’ve ever seen that before.

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