Day 335 in Beijing: Pizza A8 Pub And Chinglish.


I really love Chinglish.

Even if I hated Google, which I don’t, I’d love them for their translation software because I’m pretty sure 90% of Chinglish is formed by using Google Translate.

Pizza A8 Pub is a restaurant that Jill and I frequent about once a week and I’ve blogged about before.

They have incredibly yummy greek pizza and other vegetarian food and it isn’t as crazy as the other pizza/pub bars around I.E.B.U., which is the university across the street.

Being that the university is across the street, lots of drunk teens, and young adults often show up to the places around here.

That is fine but it does make for a loud dinner which is not what we usually want.

Yes, you can hear me saying, “These darn kids! They have no respect!  When I was a teen, we had to walk to school, 17 miles, uphill both ways!  And for shoes we only have wooden planks with nails pointing upwards touching our feet!  These kids have no respect!”

That isn’t what I mean as we’ve partied with the college students and a lot of our friends are college students.

We just like a little peace and quiet, sometimes, and Pizza A8 Pub affords us this.

Anyway, I’ll just let you read the different specials and let you comment on the Chinglish.



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