Day 346 in Beijing: Corgi Cuteness!


Ready for action!

Ready for action!

Jill and I went for a walk, a few days ago, and ran across the cutest little doggie ever.

I know I say that a lot, but this time it is true.

We are 99% sure this is a Corgi, who had just been shaved, but if we are wrong, please correct us.

It was so friendly and just wanted to play, jump and run around.

He's so hyper the camera can't even focus on him!

He’s so hyper the camera can’t even keep him in focus!

Going for walks, after a day at work, is one of our joys.

It is sometimes difficult, because of the pollution in Beijing, but we try our best.

When we move to our new apartment, in just about 2 weeks, we will be right by a canal and we will make sure to go for walks every day, even if the pollution is bad, just to get out and see cute doggies and water flowing down the canal.

This little guy just loved Jill and didn’t want to leave her.

Can’t blame him.

Jill is pretty awesome.


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