Day 352 in Beijing: Unclear On The Concept.




After Jill and I finished her health check, we walked outside and started looking for the bus back to the Wudaokuo subway stop.

As usually happens, here in Beijing, a sign caught our eyes and we started puzzling over it.

Now, I’m not sure if you’ve seen Eddie Murphy‘s Coming To America, but this reminded me of it since one of the characters in that movie has a restaurant named, “McDowell’s” and claims it is nothing like McDonalds also though it has the same color, same food, and same logo.

McDowells claims that he started all of the marketing and McDonalds was just another restaurant that happened to be have the same ideas as he did.

Well, in china, as so often is the case here, someone tried to copy this American icon and seemed to be unclear on the concept of what it actually is supposed to represent.

It is things like this that make Jill and me alternate between wide-eyed surprise and utter laughter while shaking our heads in amazement each and every day we are here.

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