Day 364 in Beijing: More Muscle.


The need for speed.

The need for speed.

As you saw from the previous post, there are a lot of small and goofy cars in Beijing.

I’ve seen “cars” that are basically bicycles with a body.

I’ve seen “cars” that I would not ride in no matter how much you pay me.

The disparity of wealth here is enormous.

I’ve lived in the SF Bay Area and it does not compare to the people that are worth millions, or billions, here in Beijing and the truly poor that try to survive.

So, as we continued walking towards our friend’s restaurant to celebrate the move, we happened to walk by a very expensive hotel and this was parked outside.

This car is probably worth about 300,000 USD and no one seemed to really be worried or stressed about people walking up to it and taking pictures.

I looked in the window and could have easily touched it or done whatever I wanted and no one seemed to mind.

It truly is a gorgeous car.


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