Day 372 in Beijing: Dancing Lights On The Liangmahu.


Jill and I were wandering around our new neighborhood and enjoying the sites.

We truly love walking by the canal and just seeing happy people and this animals.

It was a bit late, so there weren’t as many people around, so we just looked at the architecture and enjoyed the quiet.

That is something that we didn’t get a lot of at our old place.

We lived on the ground floor and there was always noise, hustle and bustle, and it wore us down day by day.

Our new apartment is quiet, on the 5th floor, and we live here above the noise and busyness down below.

We are grateful for the change and the peace.

As we walked around the canal, we looked up and notice these green dancing lights on one of the buildings next to ours.

We were transfixed.

And, being that there wasn’t any noise or sound effects, it made it even more magical and surreal.

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