Day 377 in Beijing: Truckin’


Precariously balanced.

Precariously balanced.

I’m constantly amazed at how much people can load onto trucks, vans and bikes here.

I saw this truck, which was pretty darn full, of wood, and thought this is a fair example.

I shot this as I was meeting Jill after she came back from Mandarin school.

There was a massive rainstorm right before I walked by it and it was wonderful.

That is something I truly love about Beijing in the Spring and Summer.

The rain and thunderstorms are very impressive.

I can't imagine this on the road.  Actually, in China, I can.

I can’t imagine this on the road. Actually, in China, I can.



The wind starts howling and stuff starts flying around the city.

It is a bit scary but our apartment is very safe and high enough off the ground that we don’t have to worry and can just hang out and watch as it happens.

We’ve been able to take a few videos and I’ll post those in a future post.

For now, we just enjoy seeing spectacles like this and are glad we aren’t behind it when it is on the road.


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