Day 389 in Beijing: Side Car Sighting.


Ready to ride!

Ready to ride!

I’ve written a lot about exotic cars, mini cars, electric cars, and tuk tuks.

I haven’t written much about motorcycles with side cars.

There seems to be a pretty significant amount of people that buy them here and drive them around the city.

Our buddy, Nick Mays, has one and he looks like he could be a throw back to the 1940s in style when he is riding it.

Jill and I were walking headed towards the Sanyuanli market to buy some groceries and we saw this one parked outside of it.

It was in perfect condition and I just wanted to grab a few shots so people would know that these are still around if anyone wants to ride them.

My friend, Moeava, actually is part owner of a sidecar tour company here in Beijing called, Beijing Sideways.

I haven’t rented one from him yet, but I definitely plan to soon!

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