Day 395 in Beijing: Grandson Walking His Grandmother.


Grandmother and grandson enjoying their night walk.

Grandmother and grandson enjoying their night walk.

Jill and I were talking a break from helping out our buddies at Jing A Brewing Company and just enjoying the afternoon at Galaxy SOHO.

As we relaxed, and watched people walk by, we saw this cute pair.

The guy looks sort of like a tough guy with his baseball cap, headphones, and dressed all in black but, in reality, he was just a sweetheart taking his grandmother for her evening walk.

I couldn’t resist taking a video of them because they seemed so happy, content and to truly be enjoying each other’s company.

I can’t even imagine what China was like when she was young and the changes it, and she, have gone through.

It would be a history lesson just to talk to her and walk with her.

I’m guessing that is exactly what he is experiencing at this moment.

I love that he is holding her arm to keep her steady as she points things out on their walk together.

If you notice, he is wearing his headphones, so maybe he isn’t listening to her at all.

I choose to think he is listening to her and they are enjoying each other’s company.


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