Day 400 in Beijing. Jill’s New Haircut.


And a work of beauty!

And a work of beauty!

First off, Happy 400 Days In Beijing To Me!

Now to the post: I have gotten my hair cut in Beijing and in Malaysia while we are on this trip but Jill hasn’t gotten her hair cut anywhere.

She’s been here for almost a year and it is getting near that time.

We don’t have any plans on going back to the USA anytime soon so we thought we’d take a chance on a salon that is owned by a French gentleman and often has a lot of expatriates in it.

It is also just above a jewelry store where I bought Jill some nice earrings and they highly recommend it.

We went in to Laurent Falcon’s salon and found out that a hair style with a master stylist would cost about 425RMB.

That comes out to around 70 bucks and there isn’t really any expectations of tips in China so that it seemed to be a great deal.

Now, great deal or not, Jill’s hair is very heavy and is very difficult to cut and style so she was worried that it would be ruined by the local stylists.

That is why it has been almost a year since she got her hair cut.

Honestly, we couldn’t have been happier.

The stylist took about 1 hour to cut and style her hair and was incredibly professional.

The owner came in, about half way through, and you can see him in one of the picture wearing a white shirt.

They also gave me us complimentary water and tea if we wanted it.

The stylist was also very nice and cheerful.

We ended up giving him a 50RMB tip (which is only 8 bucks) so the total for a very professional haircut came out to around 80 USD.

Jill states that she often has to pay around 120, before tip, so this is a great deal and a perfect way for us to get ready to head over to Turkey and Greece, in less than a week, to enjoy the sun and fun.

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And a video of Jill getting her hair cut:

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