Day 403 in Beijing: Bird’s Nest At Night.


Then aquamarine.

The aquamarine tower.

Jill and I decided to venture out to see the Bird’s Nest at night about 2 months ago.

It seemed like a nice day but then the pollution rolled in and it was pretty horrific.

I can’t remember what the air quality level was but I’d guess it was around 250.

In comparison, people in San Francisco would riot if the air quality ever hit above 10.

People in Beijing just deal with it, wear masks, and do what they do.

It isn’t like they are moving out anytime soon so when you make do.

There is a tower that has a few restaurants in it and you are only allowed to go up in the tower if you have reservations.

Well, we didn’t have reservations so we just took some photographs and walked around.

I’m glad to say that we got some beautiful shots.

I’m sad to say that the pollution, and particles in the air, have caused Jill’s very nice camera to go nuts and there isn’t anyone we really trust to fix it here.

Therefore, we probably won’t be taking with us on our trip to Turkey and Greece a few days from now and will try to shoot the vacation only with my iPhone 4.

Not the best choice but better than having a camera that doesn’t work.

The next few days will just be posts about the gorgeous pictures we took and walking around the Olympic Stadium area.


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