Day 420 In Beijing: World Park: USA! USA! USA!


Jumping for joy because we are back home in San Francisco in front of the Golden Gate Bridge!

Jumping for joy because we are back home in San Francisco in front of the Golden Gate Bridge!

Day 4: USA! USA! USA!

To add even more confusion to the Russia to Thailand exhibit was the entry to the USA exhibit from Thailand.

I know that my geography skills are lacking but I’m fairly sure they are not connected by any land mass and are not really connected in any significant way other than in this park.

Honestly, I wish they were because I’d love to have elephants roaming the land in the USA but I’ve yet to see it so far.

Most of you know that Jill and I are from San Francisco so we got a kick out of the Golden Gate Bridge exhibit and Gulzar was nice enough to take some pictures of us in front of it.

In case you all didn’t know, Jill has a website specifically designed to help people who want to visit, and even people that live in San Francisco, find out what to do, where to stay, and how to get there.

It is called SF Tourism Tips, and we’d both very much appreciate if you would click the link and subscribe to it, or like it on Facebook, and use it whenever possible.  Here is the actual link:

Jill also has a SF Tourism Tips Facebook page if that is easier for you and your friends and family:

Also, if you can share it on Facebook, or with your friends and family, that would be wonderful as it will allow us to continue our world travels and become financially independent in the next few years.

Thanks in advance and now back to the blog post!

The NYC exhibit was a bit strange, since the Twin Towers were still standing, but it was fairly well done and we enjoyed checking it out.

I really liked that you could see The Eiffel Tower over the New York Skyline from different viewing angles.

We then ventured over to Washington D.C. and checked out all the sites there.

We loved that the we could see a little Abraham Lincoln in the Lincoln Monument.

Who needs to go anywhere when you can have all of the world right in a tiny little park?


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