Day 425 In Beijing: Egypt And Jerusalem.


One of the pyramids, complete with hawkers!

One of the pyramids, complete with hawkers!

Egypt and Jerusalem were close enough together to put into one single post.

They were quite fun and the displays were fairly realistic.

We had fun walking around and checking out the massive statues and the semi-massive pyramids.

Even though the pyramids were 1:25 actual size, they were still pretty massive and pretty impressive.

At one point, a Chinese father climbed up on one and his wife took a picture.

We were thinking of doing the same but the sign specifically stated “No Climbing” so we thought better of it.

A hawker tried to get us to ride the camels but we also decided against that since the poor animals at the World Park looked to be pretty badly treated, sad and it was horribly hot in the sun.

Jill and I realized we were supporting this treatment by just being there but didn’t want to go any further than that by paying to ride the animals.

Jill had been to Jerusalem in 2010 so we took a picture of The Dome of the Rock and she particularly enjoyed the water around the Dome as there is nothing even close to a body of water that size near the Dome.

We realize that this is a park and they have to make do, and adjust as needed, and I’m glad they did because it allows for so many humorous posts.

None of it is meant in anger or resentment but just in pure humor.

Well, other than the blatant racism of the sign pointing towards Africa and the Native American in a headdress from the first post.

Those are meant in horror and disgust, even if it is accepted for a second, in a park that has many visitors per year.


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