Day 438 In Beijing: The Diggy Diggy Duck, Y’all!


Mr. Duck searching for just the right place to sit.

Mr. Duck searching for just the right place to sit.

Jill and I started cruising the streets of Istanbul.

We expected to see amazing mosques, beautifully dressed people, and lots of incredible desserts.

We were not disappointed.

You will see many pictures of those things in the next few weeks but I thought I’d start with something really out of the ordinary.

These two men were hanging out, relaxing in front of their store, and this little duck decided he’d join them.

They obviously know this duck, and probably own it, and didn’t seem at all surprised that it waddled up and sat in between them.

It was so cute, and so sure of where it should sit, that we couldn’t stop laughing.

The two men seemed to be enjoying our enjoyment and started laughing also.

It was a wonderful way to be welcomed to Istanbul and to our month long adventure!


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