Day 443 In Beijing: Rooftop Lunch And Call To Prayer.




After stopping by the Blue Mosque, Jill and I decided to grab some lunch.

We walked around a bit of Istanbul and found a few restaurants that looked nice.

One, in particular, had a rooftop area that allowed us to look out over the Bosphorus.

We decided that would be the perfect way to spend our first lunch in Istanbul.

We climbed up the 4 flights of very steep stairs and found the place almost empty.

There were two other Canadian couples sitting there, but that was it.

We talked with them for a bit and found out that one was a psychiatrist and ran his own department back in Toronto.  Small world.

They were on a cruise and only in town for a day.

Jill and I thought of how we had a week and were grateful that we had so much time.

The view from the rooftop terrace.

The view from the rooftop terrace.

There is so much to see and do in Istanbul that a day, or even 3 days, wouldn’t be nearly enough for us.

Honestly, we could spend a month in Istanbul alone, if we had the time, and still feel like we haven’t seen everything.

They were nice enough to take a few pictures of us and we enjoyed meeting them.

When they left, we had the whole rooftop terrace to ourselves and it was incredibly peaceful and serene.  And the food was fantastic.

Just watching the clouds, the Bosphorus and the ships go by as we enjoyed our meal and our time together.

In case you were wondering, the mosques have speakers attached to them so that is how the sound is projected for the followers to hear and know to come to pray.



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