Day 474 In Beijing: Trip To Xian, Terracotta Warriors, Part 4.


Jill and me in front of the army.

Jill and me in front of the army.

Jill and I kept cruising around Pit 1 and looking for places to take pictures of this magnificent vision.

We loved every second of it, other than the pushing and shoving, and we really amazed by all the different people visiting the site.

We didn’t realize it, but there were about 15 other EACHAM people there at the same time we were there.

How do we know this?

Well, we saw a bunch of expatriates walking around and one of them was very noticeable.

His name, we found out later in the day, was Phil, and he was from Austria.

Why did Phil stand out?

Phil stood out because Phil stands about 6 feet and 7 inches tall.

He is a giant in China.

He is also a very kind person and when we ran into him the next day at the expo that EACHAM paid for us to go to, he invited us to tour the Xian City Wall and check out the Muslim Quarter inside the wall afterward.

We ended up meeting a bunch of new friends, from many different countries, which I will blog about in a few days, and having a wonderful time.

It is repetitive but this is why Jill and I love being expats:  We meet so many people, with so many different stories, from so many different parts of the world.

I think that is also why I loved dancing Cuban style salsa back in the USA: It brings together such a diverse community, from all over the world, the just enjoy being together and connecting.

I’ve included a few of the pictures that the nice Australian couple took of us while we spoke with them.


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