Day 48 in Beijing: Buying Vegetables…Or Not.

Buying Vegetables…Or Not.


That was the question.

Or Not,

Was the answer.


I went grocery shopping and bought some fruit, veggies and other food.

I went to the check out counter and pulled out my Bank of China debit card to pay.

I watched as they the checker priced my food.


And her confusion when she looked at my veggies.

I realized that I had made a mistake.


I was to bag the fruits and veggies,

hand them to grocery store fruit and veggie attendant,

they would weigh it, put a sticker on it with the price,

and then the check out attendant would simply scan it during checkout.


I didn’t realize this until all of my fruits and veggies were put in a container to returned to their stands.

I ended up with some won tons, water and M&Ms.


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