Day 512 In Beijing: Hot Air Balloon Sunrise In Goreme, Turkey.


The view from our balcony.

The view from our balcony.


Jill and I woke up quite early this morning.

Actually, I woke up quite early.

It was a bit warm and I decided to see a bit of the sunrise.

I opened our curtains and yelled, “Oh my gosh, Jill!  You have to get up and see this right now!”

Jill sleepily opened her eyes and got up.

We both went outside and stood in awe of all the hot air balloons rising around the little town of Goreme.

We both knew that the hot air balloons go up in the morning but we had forgotten about them.

We decided to watch for a few minutes and then realized we’d have a much better view on the area above our hotel where we were last night.

So we hoofed it up to the top of the ridge, and with only about 10 other people there, it was magnificent to watch the balloons fly around us.

It was about as perfect a way to wake up as I’ve ever had.

And, since we knew we were going to go on our own hot air balloon ride, the next day, it was an awesome way to get ready for it.



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