Day 568 OUT OF Beijing: Cool Hand Aram.


Cool Hand Aram is back in town.

Cool Hand Aram is back in town.


Jill had never seen Cool Hand Luke before she met me.

Yes, she lived a very shallow, boring, and lackluster life.

I’m kidding.

Jill actually rarely watched tv or movies before meeting me at all.

I introduced her to such classics as Star Wars (her take, “Meh.”), Breaking Bad (“Incredible”) and Cool Hand Luke (“I can see why you like this film” which is neither Meh nor Incredible in Jill speak).

As we were walking around San Francisco, taking pictures for our site SF Tourism Tips, we happened upon a family that was taking pictures with this uprooted parking meter.

They seemed to be enjoying themselves, and we started laughing along with them, and then took some pictures of our own.

I instantly thought of Cool Hand Luke’s beginning where he is cutting the heads off of parking meters and gets arrested for doing that bit of vandalism.  When he’s arrested, he is just drunk and laughing at the whole absurdity of it all.  When asked why he did it, his response was, “I had an old score to settle.”  We never learn what the score was but it defined his character and his disdain for authority from that moment.

Now, I ain’t no natural born world shaker, as Dragline once referred to Luke, but I’ve done my fair share of fun.

Anyway, I just couldn’t resist taking this picture with the parking meter because it seemed so silly.

Mind you, I put the meter down, nice and soft, on the ground so that there wouldn’t be any damage caused by me.

If you notice, Luke also makes sure the meters don’t get left in the road.  He’s a conscientious objector, pun intended.


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