Day 576 OUT OF Beijing: Food. Delicious Food.


A 32 oz Corona at Hecho.  Jill's guilty pleasure is Corona beer.

A 32 oz Corona at Hecho. Jill’s guilty pleasure is Corona beer.


One of the many things that Jill and I missed was the fresh and delicious food that is so easily available in San Francisco and California.

California is the bread basket of the USA and we can get pretty much any food we want, fresh, at any time of the year.

Beijing isn’t horrible for this but it is a painful adjustment when the tomatoes there taste bland and so does pretty much everything else.

Our friends were able to find some amazing fruits and veggies for their restaurtants but Jill and I had trouble doing the same at home and we guess it was because they were all very good cooks and used fantastic sauces with them.  We were too lazy, and didn’t care enough, to figure out how to do that.  We just ate at their places instead.  I guess it is that we were efficient.

Either way, we are so happy to be home and be able to have a wonderful meal.

We’ve already gone to about 7 different restaurants in the 2 weeks we’ve been home and each one has been excellent.

They’ve ranged from Mexican, to Mediterranean, to burgers, to sub sandwiches, pizza, and pub food.  One of true benefits of SF Tourism Tips is that we can go to these restaurants because we need to be able to advise people whether they are worth eating at or not and we want to stay up to date with all the changes and advances in the SF restaurant world.  Jill is definitely more of a “foodie” than I am and she has decided to teach me more about the nuances and I’m enjoying it greatly.

It is a tough life but someone has to do it.

Enjoy some of our pictures of our delicious meals!


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