Day 583 OUT OF Beijing: The Beauty of Ocean Beach: Video.


A view from Ocean Beach towards the Farallon Islands.

A view from Ocean Beach towards the Farallon Islands.


Ocean Beach was truly gorgeous and a video seems to bring it all into light.

I hope you enjoy the peace, serenity and quiet that we enjoyed on Ocean Beach.

We also will never take for granted clean air, clean water, and a clean city with people that aren’t spitting all over the ground.

It is so nice to be able to walk around, have silence, and not hear people hacking up huge amounts of spit, and other stuff in their lungs, and then seeing them spit it out right in front of us.

It became a chore to walk outside as we had to ready ourselves for this constant onslaught of disgusting act happening wherever we went.

There were times when we just decided to stay inside our little apartment, hide from the horror of Beijing, and take solace.

Just one more freedom we have here that we didn’t have there.

And another reason we will never go back.



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