Day 97 in Beijing: River Walk, Part 2

As I contemplated my life and walked on, I decided to take a different route than usual.

Thinking of change, acceptance and how I live my life made me think of exploring the world and the people that choose to stay home compared to the people that choose to move on and live outside the box.

This is in no way judging or saying one choice is better than another; it is simply the choice I made that makes the most sense to me.

And that choice was to move on.

I loved my life back in the United States of America and did not have to leave it.

I was just offered a new experience, both in ways of work and living, and decided to take it.

At age 44, I felt it was time for a change.

This wasn’t a mid-life crisis as much as it was a constant life belief: I love to travel.

I love to learn, to experience new ideas, and to figure out new ways to deal with events that I never would have dealt with if I was sitting at home, doing my same old routine day after day.

As I was pondering these thoughts, I happened to run into this amazing sculpture depicting many famous explorers from all over the world.

I don’t really believe in synchronicity because I’ve studied cognitive distortions and how the human mind can make connections seem to be causational when they aren’t.  Correlation does not mean causation.

I’ve noticed that the mind happens to notice when things seem to align and ignore when they don’t.  I just take things as they come and keep working towards my goal.  Sometime things turn out as I imagined, most times not, and yet I always end up somewhere.

I ended up in this wonderful set of sculptures named Da Dua Ding Sheng.  It is the largest outdoor sculpture in Beijing and very impressive.

I will post a few pictures each day.

The park is so beautiful that I don’t want them to be rushed through and ignored.



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