Day 109 in Beijing: Octoberfest, Beijing Style! Part 2.

As the night continued on, we wandered from tent to tent.

We really enjoyed meeting people on the street and talking to them.

Everyone was in a great mood and it was the perfect location since it was next to a subway station and inside the Olympic Park.  It was beautiful, safe and fun.

We ended up back in “our” tent and when the bands started really rocking, we decided to go to the front of the stage and sing, dance and party along with them.

I was told that we were actually on the big screen in front of the stage many times.

It is fun to think of being a mini-celebrity and being the big screen.

Once again, this is just another experience, by living in Beijing, that I’d not be able to have anywhere else.  There is a freedom to explore, try new events, and be exactly who I am, without judgment, that I love.

That is why I travel: to remember who I am and how the world is not as I think it “should” be.

It is also why I do the type of therapy that I do: I don’t know the “truth” so anything can be possible.  Saying “should” or “must” or “have to” is so destructive to one’s self-esteem and freedom that I’ve worked very hard to rid myself, and help my clients, rid themselves of this thought.

You, and I, are what we are.  We can change that going forward but the past is the past.

The fear of the past, the fear of the future and the realization that we can only truly affect the present is wonderful.  Let go of it and see what life brings you and notice what your expectations were and how they were met or how they changed.

Life is just a path.  Not a destination.

Sorry to get prosaic but drink in the present and forget the past.


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