Day 142 in Beijing: Tai One on at Mai.

Apothecary is a very well respected bar in Beijing.

All their drinks are hand crafted with the finest ingredients.

They make their own ice cubes, infusions, and juices for the drinks the same day.

Well, one of the bartenders at Apothecary decided to start his own bar called, “Mai.”

Mai is in the Hutong area of Beijing and has a very nice mix of expatriates and Chinese nationals.

One of the nationals actually got up and started doing a little hip hop dance and was feeling it while we had our drinks.

Mind you, he was probably about 50 years old.

I was impressed and started doing a little hand jive with him and he smiled and laughed.  He encouraged me to get up and dance with him but I declined that invitation.  Maybe next time.

Mai has continued the tradition of exquisitely made drinks with lots of flair and rather exotic names and tastes.

Here are just a few of them to whet your appetite!


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