Day 143 in Beijing: Cats and Dogs Living Together!

You seem friendly!

Still a bit nervous.

Checking each other out.

Checking each other out.

That is a quote from the classic movie, Ghostbusters.

Bill Murray is talking about how New York City is headed for a disaster of “Biblical proportions” and he mentions that, “cats and dogs living together” would be a sign of it.

A rather hilarious explanation of the end of days scenario.

Well, I think it has happened in Beijing.

As I walking around I saw this weinerdog and this tiny, wet, kitten.

Still a bit nervous!

I think I like trust you.

You are my buddy!

You are my buddy!

I love when events like this occur and I happen to be there.

It is another great reason to always have a camera with me and be looking around at the world instead of at a phone or tablet.

Life happens, whether you pay attention or not.  I would rather be a part of it instead of being apart from it.

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