Day 146 in Beijing: My Name in Water, Part 1.

Who needs their name in lights when you can have it in water?

Not me.

I’m very content with this magical event and beautiful rendering of my name, my face, and of Jill.

My friend from my hometown of Healdsburg, Jeri Jones, came to visit us during the Autumn vacation week in early October.  We did all kinds of touristy things and had a blast.

As we were walking around Beihai Lake, I happened to notice this older gentleman painting pictures with massive brushes.

His medium?  Water on rock.

I instantly fell in love with his art and his wonderful way of moving as he painted.

It looked, to me, as if he was dancing or doing tai chi as he painted and there was such joy that I couldn’t resist getting closer.

As he saw me get ready to take some pictures, he spoke to me in English.

He asked me my name and then started painting away.

He smiled constantly and laughed often at our limited conversations and what he was painting on the ground.

I stood transfixed, like a child, and I can only imagine how large my eyes were as he kept painting, moving, and dancing around the ground.

The painting took up around 20 feet by 20 feet and there was a crowd that kept laughing and encouraging him to paint more and keep going.

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