Day 147 in Beijing: My Name in Water, Part 2.

As the water art continued, Jill kept taking pictures.

He noticed her and asked her to come over so Jeri took the camera and continued taking pictures.

As you can see, he thought Jill was not only beautiful, but “very, very, very beautiful.”

I have to agree with him 100%.  Plus, he is an artist.  And artists know beauty.

As we finished up, I kept smiling and laughing and being amazed at how my life has turned out and that I have the ability to be in China, with an artist painting my name, face and also Jill’s name in Chinese and how I never would have thought I’d be anywhere near China in my life.

As we finished, I attempted to give him some money as a tip as I want to support local artists and buskers but he refused.  I had to keep handing it to him for about 30 seconds before he would take it.  I hope I didn’t offend him or diminish his artistic style by giving him money.  I just felt it was the right thing to do and he had more than earned anything I could give him in exchange for this amazing memory.

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