Day 234 in Beijing: The Melaka Sultanate Waterwheel.

The beautiful Sultanate waterwheel.

The beautiful Sultanate waterwheel.

As Jill and I continued to explore Melaka, we left the Flor de la Mar museum and headed over to the Melaka Sultanate Water Wheel and took some time relaxing by this beautiful recreation of a waterwheel.

It was built in 2007, using ancient Islamic technology, and is the first and largest waterwheel in Malaysia.

It stands 13 meters tall, or about 36 feel, and cost about 1.5 million ringgit to build.  That equates to about $500,000 USD.

It supposedly represents the wheel of life and humanity’s evolution.

I found that to quite fitting and relished the chance to just let the water flow and move at its own pace.


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