Day 303 in Beijing: Cherry and Plum Blossoms.

Jill's beauty is so much more than the blossoms.

Jill’s beauty outshines that of the blossoms.


As Jill and I walked around the canal near our soon-to-be-new apartment, we took time and relaxed instead of rushing around and being busy.

The canal is called the Liangma and is very close to my work.

I will be able to wake up, get ready, and walk across the street to go to work each day.

Right now I take a taxi about 20-30 minutes a day and it is frustrating and tiring.

Most of our friends are down near my work area, most of our hangouts are near my work area and most of our life is near my work area as that is where most the expatriates live and work.

So, we will be moving to our new apartment on June 1st.

It will be a welcome relief to be near to so many people that we love and consider “our family” here in Beijing.

Spring has definitely arrived and the cherry and plum blossoms are out in force.

We love walking around and looking at them.

There really seems to be a peace and serenity that comes from these beautiful, and fragile, little flowers.

We very much look forward to hanging out by the canal, watching the flowers bloom and die, and then the cycle of life begin again next year.

It is hard to imagine but I’ve been in Beijing for 303 days.

In just 62 days I’ll have been here for one year.

I’m rather blown away by this fact and everything that has occurred during this time.

Each day life is getting easier, more comfortable, and both Jill and I feel like we’ve found our “flow.”

It is a wonderful feeling to experience and be a part of together.

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