Day 304 in Beijing: Let’s Get Physical! Physical!


Maybe the bars keep the kids in when they want to run away?

Maybe the bars keep the kids in when they want to run away?

Jill and I were wandering our Sanlitun Village and noticed some music blaring out from around the corner.

This isn’t unexpected as there are many clubs and discos around this area but we were surprised because it was Chinese music and not Western.

As we rounded the corner, we came upon all these high school kids in the blue track outfits.

They were doing aerobics and getting a good workout.

I have to admit, the track suits look to be incredibly unforgiving in heat and can’t imagine wearing them to run in or work out in during the summer.

At least it is Spring right now and quite nice.

The view from Luga's restuarant.

The view from Luga’s Villa restuarant.

This second shot is from one of our favorite restaurants, Luga‘s Villa.

The restaurant serves Italian and Mexican food and there is a second restaurant, Luga’s Pho Pho, that serves Vietnamese food.

The manager is our buddy, Deniz, and his girlfriend is Seda.  They are both Turkish but they grew up in Germany.

They are wonderful people and is just another reason why Jill and I love traveling so much.

We get to meet so many amazing, and exciting, people from all over the world.

Each day is a chance to do something new, see something new and meet someone new.

If we have a boring day, it is only because we choose to have a boring day and not explore.

Here is to one more day of exploration and living life to the fullest!


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