Day 306 in Beijing: Birds speak better Mandarin than I do.


I count 7 cages.  Did I miss any?

I count 7 cages. Did I miss any?

Sad but true.

This really is absurd.

It is high time for me to start learning Mandarin.

I know about 10 words, or so, and that is pretty pathetic for someone living in a foreign country over 10 months now.

I’m pretty sure, when learning a foreign language learning one word a month is exactly NOT the way to become fluent.

I’ve decided I will start learning it and will try to learn about 5-10 words a day.

We are planning on going to France and Spain for the summer so we may start being a lot more serious when we get back but at least we are starting now.

These birds, in their little cages, actually kept saying, “Ni hao” to us and each other.

I didn’t video it because they often took their time and didn’t seem to respond to us laowei as much as they did to each other and it would have been a long time in between words.

I do love that there are 7 cages and so many different kinds of birds that were talking to anyone that would listen.

Jill and I plan to grab a bottle of nice red wine, some snacks, and hang out in this courtyard over the next few months.

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