Day 307 in Beijing: Cleaning the Canal.


The Liangma River is actually more like a canal.

It seems to have been man made, and if not, it sure has been transposed by man.

Or, to be more correct, humans, as I’m sure people of all genders and sex have been in and around this canal.

The canal tends to become frozen over with ice during the winter and people skate on it and do winter sports when they stop by and hang out at the canal.

It seems that there is also a lot of debris that gets caught up in the canal and flushed down from businesses upstream.

Amazingly, there are people that swim in this water, which I would never do because…well, when you watch the video, you’ll have your answer.

As we sat there and relaxed, Jill and I started discussing how much we’d have to be paid to swim in it.

She said there wasn’t an amount for which she would do it.

I said I’d do it for $100,000 USD.

Once again proving that Jill is much smarter than I.

Ps. Speaking of intelligence, my mom, Judy Tuwaletstiwa, will be proud of this last sentence.  She went graduated from UC Berkeley in English Literature and received her MFA from Harvard.  I am probably the only kid in 5th grade camp that read Chaucer in Middle English and spoke it fluently.  I’m still proud that I can read in Middle English.

Yes, I was a nerd who played Dungeons and Dragons.  So what of it?

Anyway, Jill and I even had a discussion about whether it is “smarter than me” or “smarter than I.”

Then we did a google search and found out that either is correct.

Go figure.




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