Day 308 in Beijing: Dancing Granddaddy


Jill and I were relaxing by the Liangma River and watching people stroll by a week ago.

We were waiting to meet our friend, Sienna, and sign the lease to take over her apartment before she leaves for the UK.

This grandpa and grandson walked by us.

I didn’t have time to grab my camera and take a video until they were far away from us.

Therefore, this video is a bit hard to see but you can see him swing his arms, dancing around, and his grandson watching and playing in his own way.

Later on the granddad sat on the bench and the grandson ran in circles around the bench and had a great time.

Living by water is something I truly love to do and I grew up living by a stream in my childhood home.

We actually lived way outside of Healdsburg in the redwood forest and it was amazing.

It was a bit of a drag for friends to come to, or for us to get into town, but we learned to be independent and ourselves.

I’m very happy Jill and I will be living by a river in a just about one and a half months.

There is a freedom to running rivers that I don’t get in any other location other than oceans.

And there ain’t no oceans near Beijing so this will do just fine!


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