Day 322 in Beijing: Erlian, Mongolia Visa Run: Hours 32-34


The famous "Kissing Apatosauri" of Erlian.  Seriously, why the heck are they making out?

The famous “Kissing Apatosauri” of Erlian. Seriously, why the heck are they making out?

We are getting close to the end now.

Our cabbie picked us up and we headed towards the Erlian Airport since we decided to spend a few more bucks and fly back home.

We had heard about this massive dinosaur sculpture area but knew we weren’t taking the bus back and would not be able to see them.

Jimmy and Adam actually were able to catch a car back for about the same price as they would have paid for the bus and so they were well on their way and were safe and sound.

We realized that we were actually heading right for it and that we had a great chance to get some hilarious pictures and videos.

Thanks to Sienna for making sure the dinosaurs were correctly identified and not called a brontosaurus when they are not.

We had no idea there would be so many crazy dinosaur sculptures and displays.  It seriously blew our minds.

Simply said, our exit from Erlian could note have ended on a better note!

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