Day 333 in Beijing: Doggie Doppelganger.


Wait a minute!  Is that a reflection of me?

Wait a minute! Is that a reflection of me?

As you are all loyal readers of my blog, you know I love dogs.

Cats?  Not so much.

I’m a dog person.

I think they are loyal, caring and much more interesting.

I also find them much more funny and goofy.

Especially golden retrievers or labradors.

I actually had a black lab, named Horse, when I was a kid.

He was the sweetest dog and he could actually smile when he was happy.

Or, for all I know, he could smile when he was coping us and saw us smiling and we used anthropomorphism his actions into thinking he was actually happy.

Either way, he was a great dog.

I think he set me on my path of loving dogs and it continues to this day.

Now, I don’t want a dog because I don’t want the responsibility.

I also don’t want kids because I don’t want the responsibility.

And yet, I’m a psychotherapist because I love helping people learn, figure out for themselves how they want to live their life, and do what is right for them.

It is somewhat like parenting in my own way and I enjoy this responsibility because people end up making the choice that is best for them and they live with the consequences.

Sort of like raising kids or animals but more freeing, I think.

As I walked to work, I noticed these two cuties getting closer and closer together.

I wanna play!

I wanna play!

I have no idea if the owners know each other or not but they seemed to be enjoying the interaction of their two dogs.

The dogs seemed to want to play but the owners didn’t let them get too close.

Maybe there is some history behind the dogs and it is safer to keep them apart.

My hope is that they get to play together some day soon.

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