Day 354 in Beijing: Baidu Boy, Part 2.


If you are wondering why this, and the past post, are called, “Baidu Boy” is it because a dear friend of mine, Darren Gregory, used to call me, “Google boy” because I would “Google Search” any new information or ideas that came up to see what facts Google had on the topic.

So, I guess, being in Beijing, I should now be called “Baidu Boy.”

The Tech Park was pretty fantastic and we also decided to do a few videos of the it and our travels around there.

These are all from about a 2 hour stretch of time.

A lot of things happen in Beijing and Jill and I are always ready with our cameras.

Never a dull moment.

Hopefully you can see the water dropping down in the fountains in the first video:

This was the volleyball game that was happening when we walked by at lunch:

A bunch of workers getting ready to make a wall out of bricks:

Lastly, a cab driver and another driver yelling at each other in the street.  This happens A LOT in Beijing. Luckily, there was no violence involved and it resolved quickly:





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